Obama Education Policy

by Hanna Peterman

Throughout his presidency, Obama has stressed the necessity of education in an economically sound country.

Among immigration reform, economic turnaround, and climate change, President Obama’s State of the Union Address in February highlighted American education. Obama stressed that making quality education universally available through more federal funding is the first step to an educated population, and it starts at the preschool level.

The HighScope Perry Preschool Study published in 2005 followed high risk individuals from age three or four through the age of 40. It found that the adults who were enrolled in quality preschool programs as children committed fewer crimes, graduated high school at a higher rate, and earned more money than those not enrolled in preschool.

“It’s a simple fact that the more education you’ve got, the more likely you are to have a good job and work your way into the middle class,” said Obama in the 2013 State of the Union Address. This often means enrolling in school after high school.

But climbing college tuition limits options for many students.

“At this point, if (a college’s tuition) is too high, then I wouldn’t want to apply there because I don’t want to make my parents pay too much,” said CHS junior Michelle Mason.

The Obama administration has worked to make college more affordable through grants and improved loans and has begun rewarding schools that keep tuition down with increased financial aid. Obama has also introduced a tool called the “College Scorecard,” which informs parents and prospective college students of, “where you can get the most bang for your educational buck.” It compares factors like tuitions and graduation rates of different colleges and universities.

Despite these changes, a four-year college degree still isn’t financially realistic for many students. In nations around the world like Canada, Switzerland, and Germany, students can opt to attend specialized high schools, known as vocational or trade schools, earning a degree and entering the workforce instead of going to college. Many states in the U.S. are implementing initiatives to reduce licensing requirements for jobs like teaching and encouraging high schools to add courses with technical focuses to graduate career-ready students. Obama also urged high schools to form partnerships with colleges and employers to train students, “to fill the jobs that are there right now and will be there in the future.”
Starting at the preschool level, the Obama Administration’s education policy is working in an effort to increase the availability of the quality education necessary to fuel a productive society.

“Let’s do what works and make sure none of our children start the race of life already behind,” said Obama, “Let’s give our kids that chance.”


A State of Change: New State Administration Brings Massive Change

By Daniel Nuttall

On November 6, 2012 North Carolinians elected Pat McCrory as their first republican Governor in 20 years. Already, the new Governor and the still primarily republican General Assembly have made changes to the state’s medicaid and unemployment benefits systems. The Governor has also expressed interest in changing the education system and state regulatory boards.
The Medicaid bill, which has just been sent to McCrory, blocks an expansion of Medicaid to 500,000 low-income Carolinians and a state-sponsored insurance exchange offered by the U.S. Supreme Court Case on the Affordable Care Act. The General Assembly initially supported a state-run insurance exchange, but changed their stance after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, commonly reffered to as “Obamacare”.
Republican Representative John Blust explained the Assembly’s decision about Medicaid by saying, “[an expansion] will not help the poor. It’s just going to increase the day when this whole health care system collapses.”
On February 19, 2013, McCrory signed his first bill into law, one that addresses the NC unemployment system. In explaining his view on the subject, McCrory said, “I owe the federal government $2.6 billion dollars for unemployment compensation. I owe the federal government that money.” The bill cuts maximum weekly jobless payments from $535 to $350 on new claims beginning July 1st and the maximum number of weeks for state benefits from 26 weeks to 12 to 20 weeks, depending on the state unemployment rate.
The bill would repay the debt the state owes the federal government three years earlier than would otherwise happen. Critics of this bill claim that it will devastate jobless citizens by decreasing benefits to such a significant degree. “Only bullies kick people while they are down. Shame on our governor and our legislature for turning their backs on unemployed workers,” said Mary McMillan with NC’s  American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.
Pat McCrory also wants to change the way the University of North Carolina system is run and how institutions of higher learning are funded.
“Right now, we pay based upon how many students you have, not on the results of how many jobs you’re getting people into. I think some of the educational elite have taken over education, where we’re offering courses that have no chance of getting people jobs,” said McCrory.
Supporters of McCrory’s proposed change to education, for which he has a team currently developing a proposal, say the change would mean “…making sure that what we’re teaching our students in community college and university systems are aligned with the market demands,” according to Rep.Tillis of Mecklenburg.
UNC system president Tom Ross lashed back against the possibility of changes responding that, “The university’s value to North Carolina should not be measured by jobs filled alone. Our three-part mission of teaching, research, and public service requires that we prepare students with the talent and abilities to succeed in the workforce, because talent will be the key to economic growth.”

What Would Harry Potter Do?

by Sarah Flowers and Camilla Dohlman

If Hogwarts had pep rallies?
Harry and his friends would be thrilled to attend the bi-annual pep rallies held in Hogwart’s Great Hall. A far cry from the pep rallies at CHS, the magical hall would be filled with Weasley’s Wild Fire Whizbangs in the form of the four house’s mascots. Quidditch teams would soar over the heads of awed students, celebrating victories and rivalries. Even the 7th years would attend, instead of escaping to Hogsmeade to enjoy a warm butter beer and some pumpkin pasties.

If he needed to cheat on a test?
With the help of auto-answer quills and spell check quills, the students of Hogwarts have been cheating on their homework since the inception of magic. To combat this phenomenon, teachers invented an Anti-Cheating quill and banned the use of the aforementioned quills in the examination halls. Unfortunately for those who didn’t manage to study, the OWLs and the NEWTS would be nearly impossible to cheat on. Those who tried to do so anyway would be punished by sorting rotten flobberworms from good ones with Snape in the potions dungeon.

If he skipped class?
The warmth of the Hogsmeade tavern often calls to students during long days of Divination and Potions classes. Fortunately for Harry, he could easily throw on his invisibility cloak and sneak through a secret passageway, with the help of the Marauders Map, to avoid attending class. Confused teachers would often look down at their books with Harry in front of them, to look back up and see an empty seat. If you missed 7 classes in one term at Hogwarts you would have to appeal to Dumbledore. However, Harry’s uncanny friendship with Dumbledore would often help him escape the consequences of being absent from class.

For spring break?
After the cold, snowy winters at Hogwarts castles, students are reeling for some sun and relaxation. Weeks before school lets out, students can be seen tanning in front of the great lake and going for short swims. Much like they fawned over Victor Krum when he went on his morning walks around the lake, first years would swoon over Harry when he went swimming with Ron and Hermione, fascinated by his fame. Many young wizards and witches would head home to their families to take family vacations by portkey to the Quidditch World Cup and beaches in the south of France.  

Pep(less) Rallies at CHS

by Thomas Reardon

The pep rallies at CHS are useless. I believe that they hurt the student population’s school spirit more than they help it. While there are certainly some students that enjoy the half-hearted worship of CHS athletics and watching the awkward activities, that doesn’t describe the majority of students. I think it’s safe to say that most of us don’t want any more pep rallies.

The past two pep rallies have had less than half of the senior class in attendance (only about 10 students each time), and while student government has been pointing fingers at those who skip out on the lackluster experience, the real fault lies within the pep rallies themselves. 

So many upperclassmen have started skipping out on the pep rallies that the staff has had to start guarding the doors to the student parking lot. Some students are so desperate to keep out of the Hell that is a CHS pep rally that they have taken to crawling out of first story windows in the hopes of avoiding those guarding the doors.

When so many students try to avoid going to these supposedly pep-inducing events, only to be forced to go, how can the student government and staff expect us to have a good time? Having a bunch of miserable students at a pep rally is a contradiction within itself. The pep rallies are so broken that it isn’t even worth it to fix them. So please, just get rid of them.


More CHS Compliments!

Talking with Heather Porter always makes my day!
Hey Vinns (Vendela Norman), you’re really smart and aside from how
big Tigger is, he’s kind of cute. And I like your soft coat.
Mr. Turner is the best and most understanding counselor I’ve ever had.
I admire Slydel because she’s so nice to everyone, and I really value her
opinions when she contributes to class discussions.
Molly Sharp… you’re pretty.
Julia Banks, you are so wonderful and you always have the best
Jordan Bowers, you’re beautiful.
Josie Dangler is the cutest thing in the world.
Hey, Caroline Colman, you’re hilarious. Can’t we all just be you?
Emma Siplon has the most awesome duck face ever.
Mikey McPeak has the most beautiful eyes and the best smurf face in
the league.
Ms. Tudryn is a really good baker, really friendly and makes me laugh
every day.
Ms. Erica is the most talented.
Mr. Proctor is a good guy. He’s like a brother to me.
I really appreciate Sebastian Barreto and what a quietly kind person he is.
I love Ms. Lea’s boots. She has great boots.
Mr. Hansen has glorious, majestic, sideburns.
Ms. Bulleri is my school mommy.

New Years Traditions

Specific Traditions

In Spain, to ensure a prosperous year ahead, people gobble down 12 grapes, one for every chime of the clock, at midnight on New Years. It’s harder than it looks!

Here in the U.S., collard greens and black-eyed peas are traditionally eaten by southerners for economic prosperity; the peas symbolize coins and the collards symbolize bills.

In New York City, thousands of people watch the ball drop in Times Square and many more watch it broadcasted on television. North Carolinians have their own traditions like the acorn drop in Raleigh and even the possum drop in Brasstown, which is in western N.C.

Chinese New Year, or the “Spring Festival,” starts on February 10th. Traditions include house cleansing, couplets printed on red paper as decorations, a feast on the eve of the new year, and money given in red envelopes on the first day of the new year.



General traditions

Fireworks often single the arrival of a new year at the stroke of midnight. No, it was not the belated end of the world.

Getting drunk or wasted maybe be a prefered choice for many teenagers or college students. Just don’t get caught… and you might start your new year feeling less than 100%.

Many people go for a more low-key celebration, staying at home with their families, drinking champagne and reflecting on the year, both the good and the bad.

By Katie Caruso, Morgan Clawson, Hanna Peterman and Allison Hutchinson

CHS Gifts: The Weird and the Wacky

Tis’ the season for giving, but sometimes it is more interesting to be on the receiving
end of things. Unexpected and sometimes unwanted gifts await beneath brightly colored
wrapping paper and it can be tough (even for experienced gift-receivers) to slap on that
delighted smile and thank grandma for her famous fruit cake. Again.
CHS students and staff have received a wide range of gifts, from piles of socks to exotic
fruit. Sometimes the message behind gifts can be hard to decipher, and it can be even
harder to know how to react.
Jaguars have received a nose hair trimmer, hand sanitizer, and razor blades. Is
this a joke or do I need to work on my personal hygiene? Fart noise machines and fake
feces. Is this a sick prank or does someone need to contain their inner nine-year-old
boy? Some gifts may just leave the receiver baffled. From electric yodeling pickles to a
coconut– smile, nod, and say “thank you.”
If this holiday season has yielded the wierdest, the wackiest, and the worst
presents, don’t despair. The holidays can be a bewildering time for everyone. If nothing
else, be thankful for the ideas behind the gifts. After all, it’s the thought that counts!
Whether giving or receiving gifts, the holidays can be a bewildering time for
everyone. But no matter what strange goodies you get, just remember: you are not
alone… whether giving or receiving gifts, the holidays can be a weird
and confusing time for everyone.

By Allison Hutchinson and Hanna Peterman

Resolutions and Regrets


Take more selfies – Paul Flournoy
Be nicer to my siblings and win states – Luke Hickey
Be nicer to my parents – Niko Krachenfels
Run my first marathon and to maintain the good health I have earned – Holzer-Lane
Do not take as many selfies with Paul Flournoy – Garrett Parker
Become vegetarian – Molly Jordon
Have more fun and smile more 🙂 – Katie Marshall
Make new friends – Michayla Dodd



Not learning to play a new instrument – Olivia Joashi
I didn’t have a threesome – Spencer Brown
I wish I had done better in school – Molly Jordon
I did not eat as healthy as I wanted to – Kali Faatz

Celluloid Christmas Classics, Part II: “Scrooged” (1988)


Bill Murray plays miserly Frank in “Scrooged,” an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.


Frank greenlights films like “The Night the Reindeer Died” (above), an eighties-style action film in which terrorists attack the North Pole.

Meet television programming executive Frank Cross, the Ebenezer Scrooge of the eighties. The only yuletide myth Frank believes in is the secular war on Christmas, and in December ‘88 he is waging a total war against the Holiday Spirit by airing a slew of the most terrifying Christmas specials America has ever seen.

Frank’s bah-humbug approach to the holidays and life in general has proven to be a formula for corporate success and self-alienation, and he forcefully shuts down employees and loved ones who appeal to his long-dormant better nature. On Christmas Eve, Frank’s frosty vitality will be challenged by the spirited antics of three spirited Christmas spectres hell-bent on restoring Frank’s humanity before he loses it forever.

Funnyman Bill Murray stars as Frank, delivering a semi-improvisational performance akin to his work in 1984’s “Ghostbusters.” Similar to “Ghostbusters,” “Scrooged” is more farcical than frightening, but it sure scares the Dickens out of A Christmas Carol; Charles Dickens’ yuletide classic is known for its positive message of goodwill toward men, but “Scrooged” exorcises much of the poignancy of Frank’s ultimate moral epiphany with an abundance of irreverent gags, shocks and one-liners.

The film is admittedly more hilarious than heartwarming, but if you’re looking for an unconventional approach to Dickens and the holidays, you could do worse than “Scrooged.”

Surviving the Gossip Games

By Gossip Girl

With #letsmakeitawkward all over Twitter feeds this week, I am presented with a good opportunity to reflect on high school gossip.

Now, I’m not doing this to diss gossip. Studies have shown that two-thirds of all human conversation is gossip. It’s inevitable, we all do it, and it has been shown to stimulate the production of endorphins, which are basically hormones that make you happier and less stressed out.

Well, all that is just great, but it doesn’t exactly make it okay to post things at a friend’s expense on Twitter. That’s a low blow. Putting something on the internet is different from telling your friends about something at the lunch table. And while I hesitate to say that’s okay, it’s human nature. But keep that garbage off the internet.

Most people delude themselves into thinking that everyone likes them, but this is clearly not realistic. Think about all the people you’ve talked about behind their backs in the past 24 hours. Many of those people are probably people you’d call your friends, people that you actually really like. (Others may be your mortal enemies. I don’t know.) Talking about them is just part of human nature. Just because someone talks about you behind your back doesn’t mean they don’t like you. So chill out for a second.

Part of growing up is realizing that not everyone is going to like you. If you’re holding out for universal acceptance, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time. As you grow up you become more comfortable with yourself, and others’ opinions don’t matter as much. And with maturity comes an understanding of where boundaries must be drawn, and how to emerge from the Gossip Games unscathed.

He Said, She Said Disclaimer

He Said, She Said is a tradition of the Jagwire Online. For past posts view http://hesaidshesaid10.blogspot.com/. This year, Jonah and Molly will take the stereotypes of their genders to the extreme as they respond to Carrboro High School’s questions. Don’t worry though, one of them will always take the middle ground and try to give you a rational  response. Please keep in mind that the opinions expressed in this column should be taken in a humorous manner, and do not reflect the opinions of any of the Jagwire staff.

If you have a question, please submit it in the comments section of any of our He Said She Said posts!

Tragedy: Update on Kate Middleton

With the news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy also came tragedy. It turns out that the news emerged after a prank call, by two Australian DJs, to Middleton’s nurse, Jacintha Saldanha. Saldanha was found unconscious at 9:35am Friday morning, and has since passed away. The cause of death has been said to be suicide. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with other members of the royal family have expressed their deep sadness at the loss. The prank-callers never saw their prank call going this far, they thought they would have been hung up on, and they have apologized profusely. Despite this, the tragedy still remains.

Celluloid Christmas Classics, Part I: “Love Actually”

It’s Christmastime in London, and in ten interconnecting stories of love and friendship, all mistletoe is about to break loose.

This sounds like the blurb for a bad Hallmark film, but “Love Actually” transcends its simple premise by virtue of an emotionally diverse script and an outstanding ensemble cast that includes Alan Rickman (Severus Snape to Harry Potter fans), Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Liam Neeson. There’s plenty of sweet romance and yuletide merriment in the film, but not every relationship in “Love Actually” is romantic and some love stories are decidedly somber in tone. So many rom-coms detach themselves from the real world, dwelling instead in an artificial fantasyland where nothing feels genuine.  In “Love Actually,” life happens but miracles do too, and (it’s gonna rhyme) Christmas is the time when dreams come true.


Mark, played by Andrew Lincoln, greets Juliet, played by Keira Knightley.

If you’re looking for a feel-good, comical and deeply moving film to get you into the Christmas Spirit, there’s no better place to start than with “Love Actually.”

What should I give my girlfriend for the holidays?

Opinions expressed in this column should be taken in a humorous manner, and do not reflect the opinions of any of the Jagwire staff.

Jonah and Molly give you the answers to life’s persistent questions. If you have a question, comment below and your submission will be considered!

Don’t – He Said: So you want to know what to get your girl for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.?  Well then you my friend you are in luck.  My personal favorite idea is a box of condoms, edible body salts, and then a cookbook for breakfast the next morning, if you’re willing to carry through that far.  If you’re not up for that, we can tone it down a little maybe just take her out for a day at the mall with lunch/dinner and a little shopping trip. Lastly if you selected little to no interaction well my friend you might as well just get her a knitting set and call it a day.

Do – She Said: While Jonah does have some good ideas, I would recommend you avoid the gift wrapped condoms and edible body salts. If you’re not sure if you want to spend breakfast with her the next day, then maybe you shouldn’t be giving her any presents at all – other than your version of that hit Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s hit song. Let’s get on to the actual advice, there are a lot of great gifts out there, and it’s the thought that counts. If your girl loves to cook then Jonah got it right, give her a cookbook. The mall idea is good too. Take her out and let her pick out something that she really wants. Another old reliable gift for girls is jewelery. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, there is plenty of bling to choose from. Forever 21 has some great jewelry for just about every girl’s style. Another must along with jewelry is something that is homemade. A home or handmade gift shows that you care enough about her to take the time to create something that she’ll love. Plus girl’s will melt and you may end up needing those body salts after all.

southpoint mall

Wintry Cozies

Does the winter have you feeling blue? If the cold and dreary weather has you feeling sad, check out some of these uniquely wintry activities to brighten your mood.

On those frosty winter days try grabbing a cup of the hot and creamy chocolate beverage to warm you up. Not only is it delicious, but a cup of hot chocolate has more antioxidants than most teas and red wines. Flavanoids also decrease the risk of heart disease. In order to get maximum health benefits, look for unprocessed, dark cocoa and lowered sugar content.

On those frosty winter days try grabbing a cup of the hot and creamy chocolate beverage to warm you up. Not only is it delicious, but a cup of hot chocolate has more antioxidants than most teas and red wines. Flavanoids also decrease the risk of heart disease. In order to get maximum health benefits, look for unprocessed, dark cocoa and lowered sugar content.

Nothing makes the house cozier than firing up the oven and making your favorite treat. Everyone wants comfort food in the winter, so make a lot of treats and share them with friends, or invite a group over to help you cook!

Fire can create the perfect ambiance for any winter situation. Whether you want to grab your sweetheart and curl up to watch a movie, make a bonfire with your friends, or sit in front of the fireplace and have a game night with your family.

Every year, it seems like along with the cold weather comes an unbearable amount of homework. Cafes can serve as a great study place for students, especially during the winter. Fun café specialties such as peppermint and pumpkin lattes can make those last minute cramming sessions a little more bearable.

Every year, it seems like along with the cold weather comes an unbearable amount of homework. Cafes can serve as a great study place for students, especially during the winter. Fun café specialties such as peppermint and pumpkin lattes can make those last minute cramming sessions a little more bearable.

Bundle up and head out to the rink. This seasonal activity has all the winter must haves-- snow, ice, and the opportunity to spend some time with your friends. For local Ice Skating, head to the Sportsplex

Bundle up and head out to the rink. This seasonal activity has all the winter must haves– snow, ice, and the opportunity to spend some time with your friends. For local Ice Skating, head to the Sportsplex.

S/O to Marie Genest

576198_10152011247715296_1522386442_nMarie, an exchange student from Canada studying at CHS for the year, made the 2013 national Ultimate Frisbee team in Canada for the U23 age category. C-Town fans will be CLAMoring for Marie to take the Carrboro Clams to new heights when the season starts for CHS’s Ultimate Frisbee Team this Spring.

Growing up in Buckingham Palace


No shoes, no worries, living the Hawaiian life.With beautiful brown hair, an award winning smile, inspirational intelligence, and a prince on her arm… Kate Middleton has been the teenage girls’ Disney princess since news of the royal wedding first broke. Earlier today, Buckingham palace confirmed that our favorite princess is pregnant!

I think we can all agree there’s a lot of things that baby has to look forward to, like really nice clothes, amazing genetics, and an attractive British accent. The youngster will surely have lots of money, prestige, and opportunities. On the other hand, that baby will grow up in the spotlight… any misstep will be blown out of proportion, the expectations will be enormous, and the motivations of friendships will always seem tainted. So we want to know… would you trade your life to grow up in Buckingham Palace?

German Immersion Weekend

Hallo Ihr Lieben!
Wir wollen sicherlich Werbungen für Deutsch und unser tolle Leistung machen.  Oder?  Noch einmal vielen Dank an Brigitte, Lisa und Alyssa!  Eure Schulleiter und Schulfernsehsendung sowie auch die Schulzeitung / Jahrbuch und ortliche Zeitungen sollen davon hören.
German Immersion Weekend, a fun-filled event open to advanced high-school students of German from across North Carolina, brought together 60 students from 10 high schools and 2 middle schools on Friday, November 9 thru Saturday, November 10.  Students from N.B. Broughton H.S. (Raleigh), Career Center (Winston-Salem), Carrboro H.S., Chapel Hill H.S., Enloe H.S. (Raleigh), Mallard Creek H.S. (Charlotte) , Martin M.S.(Raleigh), Ligon M.S.(Raleigh), Northwest Guilford H.S.(Greensboro), Providence H.S.(Charlotte), Trinity H.S., Wakefield H.S.(Raleigh) created skits around the camp theme German Food, sang, participated in word games & a quiz bowl lead by Wake Forest University professor Alyssa Howards and pledged to speak only German. “What a fantastic group!” praised this year’s event organizer Brigitte Woloszyn, who also arrange to have Spaghetti ice cream served for dessert.  These German students are looking forward to seeing their new friends again at German Day at UNC-G on March 6, 2013, another unique real-world opportunity offered by NCAATG and the hard working German teachers here in North Carolina. Auf Wiedersehen!!

Battle of the Beards

The 2AA game this Saturday night (7PM at Carter-Finley Stadium) will be more than a spectacle of colliding football teams.

Coach Miller (left) and Coach Tudryn (right) show off their bristles.

Carrboro Head Coach Jason Tudryn and South Iredell Head Coach Scott Miller have grown monstrous beards over the course of this season and will be quite a sight themselves.

“I’m very superstitious, so I didn’t want to break any bad Karma,” says Coach Tudryn, who decided not to shave his beard unless the Jaguars lose a game. Plus, he says, “It helps me think so I can pull on it and stuff.”

Coach Miller’s beard grew out of a deal with his players, who will keep their heads shaved all season if he does not shave his beard.

Unlike Saturday’s game, the battle of the beards has already been decided in favor of Coach Miller, but as Coach Tudryn explains, “He’s had about a month head start on me in the growing season, so I mean of course he’s going to be beating me.”

Don’t miss your chance to see the rough, the tough and the scruffy! Come out this Saturday at 7:00 to cheer the Jaguars on all the way to a State Championship ring.  GO JAGS!

CHS Cheers and Chants! Lets Get a Little Bit Rowdy!

C-TOWN is not known for its extensive list of cheers. Mostly they chant “C-TOWN!, C-TOWN!” until they get bored. Well here is a list of cheers to liven up the stands! You can even cheer with the Cheerleaders if you want!


*Who rocks the house?! (We rock the house!) I said! WHO ROCKS THE HOUSE?!?! (THE JAGUARS ROCK THE HOUSE!!!!) (repeat and get louder and louder each time)

Who’s gonna bring that blood and pain?! 

• Let’s go Jaguars! Let’s go!

Purple! Black!

Who house?! Our house!   

Scoreboard! Scoreboard!

Six More! Six More! 

Offense! Offense!

Defense! Defense! 

Here we go Jaguars! Here we go! 

•*GIVE ME A C! (C!) H! (H!) S! (S!) CHS! (CHS!)* 

Roar! Jaguars! Roar!

!!CHS Touchdown Cheer!!

This is the touchdown cheer! You can expect the Cheerleaders to do this after every touchdown so be ready to cheer it with them!

•*Can I get an Uh Oh?? (Uh, Oh) Can I get a You Know?? (You Know!) Can I get a Fo Sho? (Fo Sho!) Can I get a Jaguars In The House?! ( JAGUARS IN THE HOUSE!!) 

*Any cheers that have part of the cheer in a “()” are call and response cheers, so be ready!*

Keep your Friends Close and your Enemies Closer

By Hanna Peterman

South Iredell High School Football

The South Iredell High School Vikings have never been as far as the state semifinals for football, let alone the finals. The Vikings went 13-1 overall last season and 7-0 in the league. This season, the team’s record is 13-2. South Iredell’s coach, Scott Miller, has coached football at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels. This is his third year as head coach for the Vikings. During preseason, Miller promised to abstain from shaving if his players would keep their heads shaved. The deal has proved enduring, and currently Miller can be identified by his impressive beard. CHS Coach Tudryn has grown a bushy beard of his own; he pledged to grow his beard for as long as the Jaguars continued to win on the field. For more, see our article, “Battle of the Beards”.

Saturday’s Itinerary: Maximize Your C-TOWN Potential

By Allison Hutchinson and Jonah Mendys

What: North Carolina 2AA Football State Championship (Carrboro High School vs. South Iredell High School)

Where: Carter-Findley Stadium

Dress code: Purple or Black

When: Saturday, December 1rst @ 7pm. Join fellow fans in front of the stadium as early as 4:30pm at the Tailgate. Food will be catered, and will be served starting @ 5 PM.

Why Wait? Buy Your Ticket Now and Save: Tickets will be sold in the Cafe Commons this Thursday (11/29) and Friday (11/30) from 11am-1pm for $9. Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $10.

Getting to the Fields

Drive: Park at gate 8 or 9 for the tailgate, the cost is $10/car. Click here for directions.

Activity bus: Cost is $5 round trip for students.  Give your $5 along with a signed parent permission slip to Coach Ross by noon. Chaperones for the activity bus are needed and they travel for free! Contact Christi Cappelletti, christyscott@earthlink.net, if you are interested in chaperoning.

Charter Bus: For $20 round trip parents, adults, and families can ride the Mercedes-Benz charter bus.

The Inside Scoop: Coach Tudryn on Football and Facial Hair

Senior Anna Allen interviewed Coach Tudryn and gave us the the inside scoop on the State Championship Football Game against South Iredell High School this Saturday.

Anna: How are you feeling about the game on Saturday?

Coach Tudryn: It’s awesome. High school football is about making memories. These guys are making a memory that’s going to last them the rest of their lives.

Anna: Do the seniors play any special roles on the team?

Coach Tudryn: The seniors do a remarkable job. To be undefeated, 15 and 0, and going to play in the state championship is due mainly to their guidance and their leadership. Their courage has been immeasurable. There isn’t enough paper in the newspaper to describe how I feel about how they’ve performed as people and as athletes.

Anna: What concerns do you have going into the game?

Coach Tudryn: None really. I just want it to happen. Just wanna start. We’re just gonna play free, have fun, and not get too nervous about it.

Anna: How does it feel to see the CHS football team improve so much over the years?

Coach Tudryn: It’s a great school. It’s a great atmosphere. For these kids to be able say at the end of the day and in twenty years that they were a part of building something that is bigger than them- it’s pretty special.

Anna: What has been your favorite moment this season?

Coach Tudryn: Ah man that’s a tough one. I guess it was after winning the Jacksonville game. Because we had two charter buses full of fans and they stormed the field, the Gatorade bath, and kids were hugging each other. There were 200 or 300 people on the field all embracing each other and hugging and sharing the energy of that moment. That is something that I’ll live with for the rest of my life.

Anna: What have been the tough times this season?

Coach Tudryn: There haven’t really been any because its all been fun and its all been a great experience.

Anna: Any message for the CHS student body?

Coach Tudryn: Come, be loud, and be as early as you can! And have a great time!

Anna: Lastly, does the other coaches beard add to the competitive edge?

Coach Tudryn: (laughs.) Did you see that picture? No I think it’s just funny. Just two crazy guys.

She Moves in Mysterious Ways

This new fashion photoshoot by Mike Lewis (view the full shoot here) uses digital technology to add depth to the images.

Reminiscent of moving photographs from the famed Harry Potter series, cinematographs are images in which only one portion of the image moves.ImageIt’s a little bit eerie to be looking at a picture and have the picture turn and look directly back, but the effect is stunning and the animation of the look is another step forward into technology and modernization. It is possible that we will see more cinematographs used in fashion marketing, and it will definitely be exciting when we do!

[Source: Fashionising.com]

Photography by Mike Lewis @www.mikelewis.ca
Stylist: Joanna Plisko
Hair & Make-up Artist: Alison Sharp
Model: Dervla @ Push

Poets, Hence!

By Sophie Struckmeyer Carrboro high has a lively underworld of notebook-corner poets and talented performers, who are coming together to compete in a school-wide slam this evening at 4:00 in the library, until 6 after school. The community is welcoming to anyone interested in writing and performing prose or spoken-word, and slams or open mics are held often throughout the town in venues like Flyleaf Books or the ArtsCenter. If you have any questions or are interested come speak with Ms. Malkemes in room E117. Come and listen to the literature, or present your own pieces! Everyone is welcome.

Keystone Pipeline Sparks Environmental Debate

By Tarek Zikry

After operating the Keystone Pipeline that transfers oil from Canada to the United States since 2010, oil company TransCanada wants to expand it to extend from the midwestern United States to the Gulf of Mexico, turning it into the Keystone XL Pipeline. However, the proposal is sparking debate in the public over possible environmental concerns, and therefore has been delayed for over three years in the U.S. government.


“If the pipeline was built, I think there would certainly be some environmental damage in the form of spills,” said former CHS student Scott Weathers, who recently had his picture in the New York Times from a protest over the pipeline. “I can’t speculate much on how responsible a company TransCanada is, but recent history tells us that corporations can’t regulate themselves, and the public isn’t good at getting government to do it for them, either.”

Although environmental impact is a major issue in the pipeline proposal, another worry is how this would affect America’s energy independence.

“The U.S. needs 10 million barrels a day of imported oil and the debate over the proposed pipeline is not a debate of oil versus alternative energy,” said TransCanada CEO Russ Girling. ”This is a debate about whether you want to get your oil from Canada or Venezuela or Nigeria.”

Taking the opposite stance, Weathers said, “I disagree with the argument that the Keystone Pipeline gives us energy independence. The only real form of energy independence won’t tie us to any nation, dictator, or dead dinosaurs.”

President Obama rejected the first planned route of the pipeline in January, but with a new proposal on the Oval Office desk, it now hinges on whether or not his speeches on helping the environment hold any truth.